Mechatronics degree with in-depth practical experience

Kitzingen (B.Eng.)

Information on the degree program with in-depth practical experience

The bachelor’s degree course in mechatronics will allow you to acquire extensive knowledge in the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and information technology. The alternating practical phases at the Kitzingen site will give you an insight into different areas of relevance for your degree. Through the practical experience you gain here we will advance your personal development and also support you when it comes to deciding on the direction of your professional future after your degree.

The degree course takes three and a half years. The theory is taught at the Technical University in Würzburg-Schweinfurt in Schweinfurt and the practical phase at the LEONI site in Kitzingen

After graduating, many opportunities will await you in development or product management at LEONI. Developing electromechanical components or advancing the topic of automation / Industry 4.0 will be just two of your options.

You can find more information on the website of the Technical University Würzburg-Schweinfurt:
Studiengang Mechatronik THWS

What you will bring to this role

  • Degree from a vocational college or high school diploma  
  • Ability to work as part of a team, independence and enjoyment of tinkering and fiddling  
  • Interest in complex technical correlations and the automotive industry  
  • Pronounced mathematical and technical understanding  
  • Interest in different specialist areas and cultures  
  • Good command of German and English, both written and spoken

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